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Flight Path woman's house in Seatac, WA is now open. It has been a very challenging journey.

The Journey

The Flight Path house (managed by Fairhaven House) was for several years a house for men. A few years ago Fairhaven House downsized and stopped leasing the house.The property owner leased the house to a family. It turned out there were many families living in the house, they did not pay rent for three months, and they left the house in a shambles. (Just one example is it cost over $1,300 just for taking everything to the dump.). There was no way the house could be leased out and the owner (a pastor in Bellingham) had no funds to do repairs. Fairhaven House made an agreement that we would help cover the costs of the repairs by doing the repairs and improvements through volunteer help and covering the cost for materials (to be reimbursed in the future). Fairhaven House has provided over 150 hours of volunteer help (much of it by Pastor Richard Dover as the project manager and lead worker). Pastor Richard took on the role because he wanted to ensure the house would be in great shape for the women clients and there is no way the owner from Bellingham could oversee the project.

Thankfully there was some experienced labor that provided services at a discounted rate and provided materials at cost, and some materials were donated. (It still has cost Seattle Open Door Church, that oversees the Fairhaven House ministry, several thousands of dollars. All profits from the other Fairhaven House homes has been used and there is still some debt.)

The House

Flight Path has a great design to be used as a low income sober house for women. There are two bedrooms that can be used for double occupancy rooms and there are two bedrooms that can be used for single occupancy rooms. (Potential for six clients/house members.) There is a full 'mother-in-law' unit downstairs for the House Manager, Denise, and her husband, Shannon. There are laundry facilities and an attached garage. Small chicken coop for three laying chickens.

The Clients

Flight Path houses the following women: Women who have struggled with addictions. women coming out of jail or prison, women coming from domestic violence, women on fixed incomes, women coming out of the foster care program, women who have bad rental history that are unable to obtain housing. Are you a potential client? Click here.

The Program

Fairhaven House is not a housing program. It is a faith based sober living/discipleship program with the purpose of helping individuals to overcome issues in their life that have prevented them from obtaining jobs and housing, and have caused them to experience a variety of loses in their life. Residents are not renters, they are members of the discipleship program. Housing is one of the benefits of being part of the program. Click here to learn more about Fairhaven House.

The Cost

The following fees include all utilities, cable TV, wireless Internet, laundry facilities, and all the services provided by Fairhaven House: Single Room-$600 month, Double-Occupacy Room: $500 month. All rooms are fully furnished.. Click here to learn more about Fairhaven House.

Ministry Opportunities

Make a Difference in the lives of women:

  • Provide rides to appointments
  • Provide classes on arts/crafts/knitting
  • Help women to obtain employment
  • Teach classes on healthy eating, overcoming addictions, living a fruitful life, etc.

If you have any questions contact Pastor Richard Dover at 206-396-1995.

Correction Classification Counselors, click here

Richard Dover
Seattle Open Door Church-Senior Pastor
Fairhaven House-Executive Director




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