Why is the 'rent' so high?

2017-12-29 15:23

First off a person is not paying rent. They are not a renter or a tenant. They are a member of the Fairhaven House discipleship program and are paying membership dues.

Thus Fairhaven House members are getting more than a place to sleep. They are getting a place to live and more importantly, they are being provided resources, structure, accountability, and counseling.

The membership dues help to cover the lease of the house, the utilities,  drug tests. repairs, and the cost for staff (Which is minimal-the managers get a small stipend. No one else receives an income.)

Unlike most sober houses we only place no more than 2 people to a room. Many sober houses charge $500 a month for four people in a room.  Many sober houses collect the food stamps of their clients. Many sober houses do not refund deposits.

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