Screening Process

2017-12-30 01:01

We normally only accept individuals who have at least 30 days of sobriety. Anyone who is a marijuana smoker must test clean 28 days after the move into the house.

If a smoker must be willing to be nicotine free within two weeks. Can do patches until that time. Non-smokers have at least a 50% greater chance of staying sober.

Potential member must be a Christian, are open to the spiritual components of recovery. (They will be required to attend church  services and recovery oriented Bible Studies.)

The potential member must read all FH rules, policies, and guidelines, and agree with them. They can be found here.

The potential member must have a source of income before they move into the house. If we make an exception the member must be willing to go to day labor agencies everyday looking for work. Family members or friends can help cover move-in costs for only one month.

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