Do you have homes for men?

2018-01-02 22:46


Valley Ridge Home
This home is located in Seatac. It is our largest home. It has two studios (rarely available), four single rooms, and three double-occupancy rooms. We have a very small spare room that we temporarily use when we are holding a bed for someone coming out of prison. Not including the studios it has one kitchen and two bathrooms. all rooms are fully furnished.

This home is located a few blocks from Safeway, Labor Works, on the Metro 156 route, and about a mile from Tukwila Light Rail and the Airport Light Rail stop.

There is plenty of on-site parking at this location and it has laundry facilities.

Double-Occupancy rooms are $500, Singles are $600, and Studios are $750. Price includes all utilities. There is Cable TV, WiFi, on-site computer, and phone service.

Tenants prepare their own meals.

Koinonia House
This house rarely has openings. it is located in Burien and the members of this house are normally involved in some type of ministry related to Seattle Open Door Church. It is located on SODC church property.

It has 3 single bedrooms.

Membership fees are based upon various factors.

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