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If you are a Corrections Classification Officer click here for our Correction Pre-Screen Procedure.

The following are the procedures for individuals to become a resident in a Fairhaven House home:

  • Download the Intake Form, Application, Policies, Rules, Computer Guidelines, and Medical Form. All of this is included in the Fairhaven House Resident Packet.

  • Read all documents thoroughly to determine if Fairhaven House is a good fit for you.

  • Call 206-396-1995 to set up a phone interview.

  • The next stage after the phone interview is to fill out the application and fax it to 1-866-344-7186. (You only need to fax the 3-page application.)

  • There will be phone calls made to your references and a Nationwide Criminal Background Check. Having a bad rental history, bad credit, and a bad criminal background does not mean you will not be accepted as a resident. Some of our residents find themselves in this situation because of poor choices. What we are looking for is honesty regarding the past and a desire to change the past. Lying on your application will certainly prevent you from becoming a resident of Fairhaven House.

  • Once the application process has been performed, you will be contacted to set up a time to visit a Fairhaven House home and have a personal interview.

  • If the personal interview goes well, the applicant is able to move into the home at that time.

  • In order to move-in the applicant must pay the Application/Background Check fees and Security Deposit of $200.  (Applicant only has to pay the Application/Background Check fee if they are approved to move into a home.) The applicant must pay the pro-rated rent for the month they move in.

Pro-rate Fees:
Double Occupacy rooms: $17 a day ($500 a month)
Singles: $20 a day ($600 month)
Studios: $25 a day ($750 a month)

Click here to obtain a Fairhaven House Resident Packet that includes the Intake Form, Application, Policies, Rules, and other documents.




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