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Our Clients: Men who need a safe, affordable place to live where they can learn to live a victorious life free from addictions. Potential clients usually need to be alcohol, drug, and nicotine free for at least 28 days.

Fairhaven House is a nicotine-free program. This means members are not allowed to smoke on or off premises. Individuals who are nicotine free have a lesser relapse rate than individuals who smoke.

Current Housing Openings At our Valley Ridge home in Seatac we have 4 beds. Call 1-866-346-7186 for more info.
Click Here for Application/Policies/Rules.

Fairhaven House Vision

The vision of Fairhaven House is to provide a clean and sober living environment for individuals recovering from substance abuse or other addictive behavior.

Fairhaven House believes in not only providing a safe and healthy environment for recovery, but to help individuals work through the root issues behind their addictions.

We believe individuals can be set free from the bondage of addictions.

Fairhaven House is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church.

Fairhaven House goals

  • Provide a stable environment of love, encouragement, purity, and discipline

  • Disciple individuals who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. (Fairhaven House is a faith-based program and members, with few exceptions, must have a born again relationship with Jesus Christ. We at times take spiritual seekers.)

  • Help individals to renew their mind and to change their heart so they are no longer thinking or acting like an addict.

  • Help individuals to learn how to Love God, Love People, and Love Life more than the love they had for their addictions.
Fairhaven House Function

At Fairhaven House we seek to accomplish the following with our members whom we serve:

  • Provide low-cost housing with utilities included. Laundry service is available at no extra charge. 

  • Hold several spiritual meetings pertaining to sobriety and recovery.

  • Pray regularly with our members if they desire.

  • Teach and help members learn how to transition into independent living and effectively live and work with others. We accomplish this by program guidelines, a structured environment, an atmosphere of respect and honor, and by applying principles that will help individuals to live an overcoming life.

  • Connect members to outside support services, treatment facilities, and counseling if needed.

Sober Living HousingFairhaven House has one home: Valley Ridge (a nicotine free home) is located on Military Rd. in Seatac, WA.Currently, we are offering housing only for men.

Members of Fairhaven House pay monthly membership dues (not rent) for low income housing and various other services to help them to live a life of sobriety and to literally be transformed from the lifestyle of addiction. The membership dues include housing, utilities, laundry facilities, and pastoral counseling. Fairhaven House offers double occupancy, single occupancy, and studio units.
Membership Dues: $375-$550 a month (Dues are subject to change.)
House Members provide their own food and laundry soap.

Fairhaven House has a zero tolerance regarding the possession and/or use of alcohol,drugs/nicotine, viewing pornography, or gambling on/off the premises.

Fairhaven House has a curfew of 12am. After the first 30 days, members may leave the premises up to 48 hrs with prior approval. Members do not need to sign in/out, Members are able to have a job.

Take note: We are not looking for the super-duper Christian that knows all about the Bible. We also are not looking for clients that have no desire to change their life. If what they are doing is so great they do not need what Fairhaven House offers. We are looking for broken men who know Christ is the answer for them to be made whole.

Click Here for application/policies/rules

Sober Living HousingHere are some of the requirements to live at the Valley Ridge home of Fairhaven House (some are conditional based upon work schedules):
a. Attend church services at Seattle Open Door Church in Burien,10am & 6pm.
b. Tuesday Prayer, 7pm at house
c. Wednesday Night Church Service 7pm
d. Thursday Night Bible Study, 7pm at house
e. Daily chores (around 15 minutes)
f. Meet weekly with House Manager or Program Director
g. Maintain a financial budget


We have men who now have several years of sobriety, working full-time, and have family relationships restored.

We had a gentleman that was a mental health counselor but lost his practice because of alcoholism. He is now living a life of sobriety and works full-time as a counselor. His next goal before he leaves one of our houses is to make restitution on past debts.

We have a gentleman who would go commercial fishing and spend all his earnings on alcohol for several years. He moved into the house, went commercial fishing, and then moved back into the house. He became a manager of a Spanish speaking house in Seattle and now lives in Mexico overseeing a Spanish recovery house.

We had a man who was living on the streets and did not take a bath for a year before he went into treatment and moved into Fairhaven. He has been sober for over two years.

We had a gentleman who because of living in a clean & sober environment was able to go back to school and obtain a CDL license to be a truck driver.

Have we had men relapse? Sad to say yes. That happens in the addiction arena.
But we focus on the ones that make it.


Fairhaven House More InfoFairhaven House was started over seven years ago. At one time we had five houses. We now have one house. The reason we are down to one house is because we are focusing mainly on individuals who have a relationship with Christ who are humble enough to admit the reason they need to move into a sober discipleship house is because what they have been doing has not worked. We are not interested in clients who talk much about Jesus, the Bible, yet overall do not reflect the character of Christ in their behavior, what some would call dry drunks. We rather have indviduals, no matter how messed up they may be, that are teachable and humble. No masks required.

Fairhaven House is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church.

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