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Fairhaven House is No Longer in Operation

Our Clients: Christian (or spiritual seekers) men and women who are looking for a safe, affordable place to live where they can get back on their feet and have a fresh start. Our housing is also available to Christian men and women moving into the Seattle area that need temporary housing. Potential clients need to be alcohol and drug free at least 30 days and nicotine free for at least 7 days. (We also at times accept spiritual seekers and individuals with less recovery time.)

Fairhaven House is a nicotine-free program. This means members are not allowed to smoke on or off premises. We test for alcohol, drugs, and nicotine.

It should be noted that Fairhaven House is much more than an affordable sober housing program. Clients are not renters. They are members of a faith based program that helps them to overcome addictions and other challenges in life and housing is one of the benefits of the program. (Disclaimer-Even though we are a faith-based program, we are not like many intense Christian discipleship programs. We do not force multitudes of Bible Studies, church services, prayer, 'work blessings', etc. There is a place for such programs, but that is not our program. We do not 'force Christianity' on anyone. We do not 'force' individuals to be Christians or Christ-like.)

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Membership Dues/Rental Rates: Single-occupancy Rooms: $600 per person; Double-occupancy Rooms: $500 per person; Studios: $750 (It should be noted no one is able to move into a studio until they have lived in another room and studios rarely have vacancies.)

Current Housing Openings At our Valley Ridge men's home in Seatac we have 1 double occupancy room for $500 per bed. Price includes all utilities. Call 206-396-1995 for more info. (Recommend reading Policies/Rules before calling.)

At our Flight Path woman's home in Seatac we have 2 double occupancy rooms available for $500 per bed. We also have 2 single occupancy rooms available for $600 per bed. Call 206-396-1995 for more info. (Recommend reading Policies/Rules before calling.)

Click Here for Application/Policies/Rules.

Fairhaven House Vision

We understand that at times Christian men and women have made bad choices in their life or have hit hard times and they may need temporary housing or housing that does not require a good rental history. We want to provide that housing at an affordable rate.

Fairhaven House provides housing on a month to month basis. Individuals that are compliant with all guidelines may stay up to 1-1/2 years.

Fairhaven House is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church.

Fairhaven House goals

  • Provide a stable, safe environment of love, encouragement, and purity.

  • To help Christian men and women to get back on their feet and hopefully regain some of what they have lost.

  • To help Christian men and women live a life of sobriety.

  • To provide spiritual counseling and coaching for those who desire to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.

  • To provide affordable housing for those individuals who desire to receive Christian discipleship.

Fairhaven House Function

At Fairhaven House we seek to accomplish the following with our clients whom we serve:

  • Provide low-cost housing with utilities included. Laundry service is available at no extra charge. 

  • Offer spiritual meetings pertaining to sobriety and recovery

  • Pray regularly for our clients.

  • To provide ministry opportunities for those who desire to be vessels of honor for God.

  • Our primary purpose is not housing. Our primary purpose is to educate, train, encourage, counsel individuals how to live a victorious life, free from addictions. Housing is a by-product.

Sober Living HousingFairhaven House has four homes: Valley Ridge (a nicotine free men's facility) is located on Military Rd. in Seatac, WA. Flight Path (a nicotine free women's facility) is located off of Pac Hwy in Seatac), House of Myrrh in Skyway, Koinonia House (a nicotine free men's facility) in Burien. (House of Myrrh and Koinonia rarely have any openings.)

Members of Fairhaven House pay membership dues/rent on a month to month basis. Fairhaven House offers single occupancy, double occupancy, and studio units. All rooms are furnished.

Membership Dues: $500-$750 a month. Price includes all utilities. (Dues are subject to change.)
House Members provide their own food, laundry soap, cleaning supplies.
There is a $200 application and security deposit. $100 is refundable if client meets all refundable deposit guidelines.

Fairhaven House has a zero tolerance regarding the possession and/or use of alcohol,drugs/nicotine, viewing pornography, or gambling on premises. Alcohol/Drugs/Nicotine are not allowed on or off premises. Clients agree to submit to random alcohol/drug/nicotine testing. If a client refuses to submit to a test or tests positive on any substance they will be given a maximum 20-day eviction notice (most likely removed immediately) and the client will lose their balance of membership dues (rent) and their security deposit.

Note: Housing is on a month to month basis. Fairhaven House may remove clients without any reason as long as they give client 20 days notice.

Click Here for application/policies/rules

Sober Living HousingHere are some of the requirements to live at any of the homes at Fairhaven House. There are limited exceptions.:
a. Must be a Christian, or desiring to learn about Christianity.
b. Must be alcohol and drug free for at least 30 days. Must be nicotine free for at least 7 days.
c. Remain alcohol/dug/nicotine free. Abstain from pornography and gambling.
d. Must pay pro-rated membership dues/rent and $200 deposit prior to moving into the house.
e. Work with other house members to keep house and yard clean and reflective of a Christian home.

Fairhaven House More InfoFairhaven House is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church. Seattle Open Door Church (SODC) is a church in Burien, WA

Vision of SODC
Loving God, Loving People and Loving Life
. We are committed to make a difference in our local community.

Mission of SODC
To reach out to the disillusioned, disenchanted, disconnected, disenfranchised and spiritual seekers by introducing them to the accepting and loving Jesus Christ. It is our goal to get them connected within a loving body of Christ followers, helping them grow in Christ through discipleship, and sending them out to reach those that don't know Christ, who are backslidden, or may be hopeless.

How SODC Accomplishes its Vision and Mission
SODC members believe as we love God He will lead us to those who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of our love for these individuals we will connect with them to show them the love of God and then lead them to a saving relationship with Christ. We will then help them to become strong followers of Christ through discipleship so they can not only be justified through Christ but so they can walk in holiness (sanctification). We will in the process equip them and send them out to win others to Christ.

The Christian men and women who live in the homes of Fairhaven House have the opportunity to be involved in ministry at Seattle Open Door Church. They also have the opportunity to receive spiritual counseling, coaching, and discipleship. Thus, Fairhaven House offers much more than affordable housing.




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